Improving The Westfalia Camper
 The Westfalia Camper can be improved in three basic ways:
  It can be made more comfortable,
better equiped for use in extreme weather, and
outfitted for extended trips to remote areas.
The modifications listed below were made with these goals in mind.

        Heating the Camper
  • Propex/Carver Heater Installation (C/O Sittsers' Westfalia Web Page.)
  • 3P12   Platinum Cat Heater (Portable set up)
  • Dual Propane Tanks.A second stock tank can be added to the passenger side of the vehicle.  Bolt on adapters are also available to allow hooking an aux tank into the westy gas line via a hose.
  • Poptop & Window Insulation for Winter & Desert Camps   (Pattern)   Pre-cut insulation panels
  • Nylon Fly for Pop-Top (winter camping)  Cut out panels from a tarp and velcro to inner edge of poptop fiberglass and to van body, which creates a windproof, double-wall.
  • Vehicle Wall Insulatating, Rust and Sound Proofing
  • Power for the Camper
  • Optima D750S Deep Cycle Aux. Battery Installed (c/o under driver's seat
  • 12v Inverter wired into one socket on 110 outlet for lap top, etc.
  • Solar Battery Charger (by Tom)
  • AC Trickle Charger
  • Comfort Additions
  • Hot Water (Custom Heat Exchange System)                                                      .
  • Shower
  • Improved Sink Faucet   (C/O Gary @ VW Access.)
  • In-Flight Movies via a portable 6"  TVT & VCR (for kids on long trips)
  • Audio & Video Systems: Ty's "Syncro Cinerama"
  • Communication Side Tents
  • Joe Clark's VW Tent Masterpiece 
  • Gadgets

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