Plat Car Vented Heater

This photo shows my portable set up for the Platinum Cat 3P12 vented catalytic heater.  I found this to be the best position for the maximum amount of heat.  With the heater in this position, heat is radiated all the way to the back of the van.

Plat Cat Portable Set up
The heater tilts forward about 10 degrees, radiating heat downward.  The heater vents through a foam insert in the driver's window.  The flu is inserted through the foam.

This is a great heater.  It draws only 4/10ths. of an amp., about the same as a flashlight bulb, and burns only 1/8th lb. of propane an hour, yet it puts out a enough heat to camp (with inuslated windows) in below-zero weather.  It will keep the van downright cozy when its in the 30 degree range.  It gives off radiant heat, like a wood stove or fire, which is the most pleasant type of heat.

Because the heater is so efficient, you can just leave it on the entire night.  Your battery light will still be green in the morning!  The heater has a very efficient fan/motor that vents all of the combustion by-products to the outside, and in the process circulates fresh air into the camper.  As a result, the air remains fresh inside and you get no condensation on the windows from moisture given off by the occupants.  It all gets vented outside.

The heater does not give off carbon monoxide, only carbon dioxide and water vapor.  It's operating temperature is below the combustion temp of paper, making for safe use around children and low fire risk.  It also shuts off automatically if the heater tips over or if there is an interruption in combustion, fuel flow or power.  It's the only catalytic heater approved for use in recreational vehivcles.

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