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Contact Dan
(509) 990-1909
Mead, WA, US
$ 45,000

Looking for a clean well-maintained Syncro Westy on the west coast, preferable the northwest. It would need to be a full camper (not a weekender) and be an original Syncro and original Westy. Must have excellent working AC and no significant rust issues. Cash in hand perhaps up to 60K. I am not interested in a restoration project. The ideal rig would have a 2.5L Subaru with a 5-speed and dove blue exterior. But, a Subie 2.2 could work or a freshly rebuilt original 2.1 boxer. No automatics and no other types of swaps (no TDIs etc.). Completely stock is good, but I am not afraid of lots of mods as long you have the documentation and they were done by a professional. Feel free to call me between 7 AM and 7 PM west coast time. Please do not text me. Email is OK.


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