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: 720-331-2002
: Boulder, CO, USA
: $ 68,000

If you have ever wanted a new Syncro, this is your best option, actually it's better than new:

Last year, I decided to find, and subsequently update, the nicest Westy Syncro in America. After seeing probably 250 ads, I found a one-owner, adult-owned, California Syncro that had 60K miles on it.

There may be many kinds of car owners, and here are two: users and restorers. I am the latter type, having spent many years fixing up German vehicles. This is my first foray into the Vanagon world. Those of you that are Vanagon-literate may recognize lots of these things that I have fixed as being chronic problems with these.

Before I bought this, it was a Vanagon Syncro Westfalia that spent its life under a carport. It has pretty much a virgin interior, paint and body. I have spent nine months fixing all the things previous owners overlooked. I will start and list the big, expensive ones first, then go on to the smaller things.

First, having the stock 90 hp. engine here at 7000’ didn’t cut it at all, so a 165 hp. Subaru 2.5 liter conversion was in order. A factory short block was used with rebuilt heads, and updated headgaskets. Also used were a rebuilt power steering pump, remanufactured alternator, new O2 sensor, knock sensor, and water temperature sensors.

With the Suby engine, one doesn’t have to deal with the Digifant EFI system with its failing aftermarket support. The Subaru ECU works great and lots of shops can scan it. A Sachs OEM clutch kit was installed. Stainless steel coolant pipes were a must, so out with the old plastic ones, and in with the new SS ones. The engine is well inside its 18 month, 24K miles warranty. The guy that did the engine swap has done over 60 of these swaps.

With the engine out, it was a great time to get the transmission up to date. South African oiling plates were installed that ensure constant flow of lube to the fourth gearset. Vanagons, like lots of cars, spend most of their lives in fourth gear. More info in the Samba ad.


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