Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

  • Spare Tire Cover Skid Plate

Vehicle Protection


CV Joint Boot Guards (see Phill Lander's site for photos)   The guards protect the front CV boots from getting torn by rocks kicked up by the tires. This does happen with the result that the joint then has to be removed so a new boot can be fitted, a nasty job.

- Right CV Boot Guard:   251 407 406

- Left CV Boot Guard:      251 407 405


Water Pump/Altenator Belt Guards VW also makes deflectors to protect the belt for the alternator and water pump. These prevent gravel kicked up by the wheels from getting into the pulleys with the resulting destruction of the belt, something that does happen. This can lead to the frying of your engine if you do not catch it soon enough. We're talking tens-of-seconds here! There are two separate guards/deflectors, both of which protect the vital waterpump/alternator belt. Photos of of installed Guards are here (power steering) and here (water pump/alternator). See also Derek Drew's article on CV boot protectors and belt guards.

The part numbers, again thanks to Phill Lander, are as follows:

- Water Pump Belt Stone Deflector:    025 199 913

- Alternator Pulley Stone Deflector:   025 199 915 


 Modifications for Difficult Journeys This VW manual provides lists, drawings and discussion of modifications for journeys on difficult terrain, including fashioning skid plates, water crossing mods, and check lists. The manual is not written specifically for the syncro, but is still a good resource..

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