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VW Syncros and ‘Social-Networking’

The energy and center-of-gravity of the on-line VW Syncro community has shifted from the mailing lists of yesterday to the social networking sites dominant today.


Facebook makes it easy to connect with syncro owners and adventurers from all over the world. Here are a few of our favorite syncro pages on facebook. The Adventure section has more:






The SYNCRO.ORG facebook page has over 8,000 members from more than 60 countries on six continents. Click ‘Like’ below to get the posts in your FB stream – light traffic.

YouTubeYouTube has hundreds of syncro videos from all over the world. The SYNCRO.ORG Video Page has a live YouTube feed that compiles the 500 most recent syncro videos. It’s a great way to see syncros in action. SYNCRO.ORG also a YouTube channel where all of our videos are uploaded:

SYNCRO.ORG YouTube Channel



Pintrest is a great photo-sharing social network. It has a good selection of photo ‘Boards’ devoted to syncros from a variety of members.  SYNCRO.ORG shares the photos it regularly posts to Facebook on Pintrest:

SYNCRO.ORG on Pintrest


Twitter us @SYNCRO_ORG
SYNCRO.ORG is on twitter.  It’s a convenient way to get updates. All new posts to the News section of SYNCRO.ORG will be tweeted as posted.  So will new new photos uploaded to Pintrest.