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Recent Syncro Disasters


It is fairly well known that Jimmy Buffet owned a beautiful Syncro Adventure Wagon.

Here’s a photograph of it.

Jimmy Buffet's Syncro









What is not as well known is that it caught fire, discount cialis cialis and was totally destroyed, physician probably in a matter of minutes.

Here’s a photograph of it after the fire:

Jimmy Buffet's Syncro Burned 












Buffet’s syncro was very tricked out.   We don’t have the details on exactly what happened.

Another beautifully restored Syncro Westfalia was also recently destroyed by fire.

Here’s what it looked like before the fire:

Refurbished  Syncro













It had been sitting in a barn in storage

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.  It was started and left idling while the owner tended to a horse outside.  When he returned, the back of the van was engulfed in flames.

The syncro was driven outside and a fire in the barn was extinguished while the syncro was left burning.  Here’s what it looked like right after the fire was put out:

Burned Syncro













Fire is one of the greatest threats to a Syncro, a close second to accidents.

Make sure your fuel line clamps are routinely checked for tightness, and the lines replaced every few years.  Electrical fires are also common.

Check out the “Syncro Disasters” photo album (just updated)  to see the other main causes of death and injury to Syncros.  It is an instructive collection of photos that could help you avoid a Syncro disaster of your own.


  1. Anyone know how Jimmy Buffet’s syncro burned?

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