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Oils for the Syncro Transaxle and Front Differential

VW has changed the oils they advise for the transaxle and front differential since the last publication of the Bentley Manual.  Although there are undoubtedly other oils out there that have the appropriate specs, we are honoring VW ‘s recommendation here, along with a popular alternative.  We have tested the new VW oils and find them to be superb – smooth as silk shifting, even when cold. 


VW Oil No.:  G 052 196 A2  This is a synthetic GL-5 75w-85 oil recommended by VW for the syncro transaxle.  It is bottled and sold by Volkswagen through their dealerships.  It can also be found on e-bay.  Price is around $30 a liter.  Here is a photo of a 1 liter bottle.

Quantity: 4.5 liters total capacity.  4 liters on refill (4.205 U.S. Quarts) – 1/2 liter cannot be drained.

   Apparently Suitable Alternative:  

Sweepco 201 or 203 (molly).  Sweepco 201/203 has a cSt of 15.3

 Front Differential:

VW Oil No.: G 005 000 This is a synthetic GL-4 75w-90 oil that measures 15.6 cSt @ 100C.  It is recommended by VW for the syncro front differential.  Price is around $23 a liter.

Quantity: 1.5 Liters or 1.605 US Quarts

   Apparently suitable alternative 

Sweepco 201.  Sweepco 201 has a cSt of 15.3


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