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Caravelle Syncro

Links to Sycro Technical Resources, including Manuals, Bulletins and How-to Articles



How to Fix a Syncro

    BTDT Repair Archive

    Club 80-90 Syncro Wiki

    Tom’s Tech Pages

    Ben’s Vanagon Repair Links

    AFM Capacitor Fix

    Syncro List Archive (search)

    Subaru-Vanagon Archive

    TDI Conversion List Archive

Repair Manuals

   Repair Manual (searchable PDF)

   Vanagon Training Manual (1986)

    Solving Drivability Complaints

    Vanagon Fuel Systems Manual

    Digifant Fuel Injection Manual

    Removing the Syncro Gas Tank

    Vanagon Body Repair Manual

    Transaxle Manual

Specs & Bulletins

    Final Drive Ratios

    Tire & Alignment Specs

    Misc. Diagrams and Specs

    Syncro Fuel Economy

    VW Service Bulletins

    VW Recall Bulletins

      Syncro Model Year Info

.    T3 Vanagon Model Year Info

 T3 Vanagon Paint Codes

The Syncro Drivetrain

    Wolfgang Pescheke on VC

    The Viscous Coupling

    The Syncro Drive Shaft

    Drive Shaft Decoupler

    Syncro AWD System

    Troubleshoot the Diff. Lock

    Oils for the Transaxle & Diff

The Wasserboxer

    Per’s Wasserboxer Specs

    Head Replacement

    Hydraulic Lifters

    Under Your Valve Cover

    Breaking-in a Rebuilt Engine

     *Thanks to Boston Bob

Suspension & Wheels

    Syncro Suspension

   Wheels and Tires

    16″ Wheels for 14″ Syncro NLA

   Tire/Gear/Rpm/ Spreadsheet

Misc. Syncro Info

    Syncro Web Sites

    The Syncro Story

    Syncro Westy Road Test

    Enthusiasts Wanted

    Driving the Syncro Off-road (pdf)

    VW Repair Shops


    Spare Tire Front Skid Plate Plans

    Journeys Under Difficult Conditions

Syncros for Sale

  The Samba Syncro Listings

  E-bay Syncro Listings Classifieds

Syncro Blogs

    Edbee’s Blog

    Syncro Project

    InSyncro Blog

    Campervan Culture

    VW Syncro in Australia

If all else fails, here are 500+ shops that work on VWs, thanks to Ken at

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