Westfalia Modifications

Something New – A Good Sign!

Wow!  It's something totally new and innovative in a VW camper.



And the overall result appears to be pretty good ... or will be once they release the Syncro version!



There is something disconcerting about it fully extended, viagra canada shop but perhaps that's just from a Freudian point of view.

But when you ponder it, viagra generic the concept as executed really is innovative, well designed and a genuine breakthrough. And it somehow fits in with the VW Camper engineering tradition. First the pop-up, now the pop-out.

Check out the photos.
[nggallery id=7]

One thing they don't give a good view of is what it looks like inside when fully retracted.  How much of the ambiance and charm of the classic westy ... which helps make the miles of driving to the camp site actually enjoyable ... is lost with this design?

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