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Syncro Forum Now Functional

The Syncro Forum is finally functional after weeks of trying to fix a simple problem.

There’s even a 1990 Syncro Weekender posted for sale for $9, discount cialis sovaldi 500 in B.C. And Giordano from Milan posted a pic of his beautiful red syncro to the main forum. Giordano hosts a T3 website and forum in Italy:  Jokeristi.it

We have run into some snags in finishing up the site, cialis buy find but hope to overcome them shortly. Once it is up and running, the blog will feature regular posts from several different authors. Contributors welcome even for a single guest post.

Stay tuned!

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Making Progress…

The photo is of a vanagon that burned near Tahoe a couple months back.   Very dramatic.

Although i am feeling burnt out, best viagra viagra sale things are coming along nicely with the website. The forum still needs some work. Youtubes are not embedding. But it is working otherwise, as is most of the rest of the site. It should just be a couple more weeks before everything is fully functional.

What a relief that will be!

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Work in Progress on SYNCRO.ORG…

There’s a lot of work going on around here.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are doing a complete upgrade of the site.  It will have a lot of new features and will be state-of-ther-art…for a day or so! Please bear with us, viagra site we are working hard to get it done asap.  But  it is going to take a few weeks yet.

Thanks for your patience!


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