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Nordwest-Equipment’s “Trans-Pyrenees Tour”

This is a beautifully done short film of a fantastic trip by the adventurous folks at NORDWEST-EQUIPMENT.

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Tin-Top Expedition Syncro

TinTop Expedition Syncro,   The Balkans - photo by Nikos Economopoulos

TinTop Expedition Syncro, The Balkans – photo by Nikos Economopoulos.

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Syncro Raduno Formica Leone

Syncro raduno formica leone

Photos from a fun Syncro gathering by ‘Syncro Raduno Formica Leone‘ in Sestri Levante, Italy last week. Click for larger pics. Check out the full album here.

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Dokas in Algeria

Where are They?

These are photos of a trip by Norbert B. and a friend to Algeria, and beyond.  The shots are interesting and a couple are beautiful and worth a look.  Click on the thumbnails for full-size viewing.  Many thanks to Norbert for sharing them.

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“Our Open Road”

Our Open Road

From “Our Open Road, cialis canada ed ” an extended trek by a family of three, check Emily, Adam and their cute-as-can-be young daughter Colette.

The family, from L.A., has been traveling in South America and was recently featured in the New York Times and Outside Magazine.

You can follow ‘Our Open Road’ on facebook.

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TigerBus Reaches Tibet

It’s been a while since we checked in on Sarah and Martin and their adventures in TigerBus.


To recap, best cialis viagra sale they started in Berlin in January, sildenafil have been through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India… Malaysia, Thailand and Laos.  They are currently in Tibet, as pictured below!  (Click the link for some of their recent photos.)
TigerBus in Tibet

Sarah has recently posted two new videos of footage taken during the trip (the first video on preparations for the trip can be seen here).  She and Martin filmed the footage.  Martin’s brother, Stefan Henning, compiled and edited the footage, and, amazingly, wrote the beautiful music for it.

Take a few minutes to watch the videos and catch a glimpse of this amazing journey.  Some of the footage is great and all of it is enjoyable and interesting.


What an amazing couple. It has been especially enjoyable to see photos of them meeting up with various Syncronauts and VW bus volks along the way.  They have shared photos of some wonderful moments during their great adventure.

Here are a couple of photos from their trip through Malaysia, where they visited with Syncronaut TengTsen Khoo, and another from an encounter on the road.

Tiger Bus

Tiger Bus

Tiger Bus

You can trace their progress and read about the details of the trip and their many encounters on their Facebook page.

Tiger Bus

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Shasta Snow Trip XII

The 12th Annual Shasta Snow Trip was held earlier this month.  If you have not heard of the event, viagra buy decease it is an epic journey each year up Mt. Shasta in north-central California under brutal conditions in the dead of winter.

Shasta Snow Trip

From the event website:

This adventure is an exclusively pre-1967 VW Bus journey from lower Mendocino County to Mt. Shasta City via up to 350 miles of dirt and paved back roads. The trip’s “off the grid” routes have reduced -not eliminated- the probability of a fatal accident involving another car with it’s remoteness, cialis canada however, it brings fast to the forefront numerous other, more exciting ways to die, like: flying off cliffs, hitting trees, live stock, or being run over.

Photo by Richard Kimbrough

You’ll have from roughly 4:30am to midnight to reach Shasta, and traversing half a dozen mountain passes, sometimes dozens of streams and miles of fire roads will mandate solid driving skill, mechanical ability, and the longevity to keep a brisk pace.

Richard Kimbrough, one of the founders of Shasta Snow Trip, took, and graciously allowed us to share, the photographs posted here.  He also maintains the website.

Photo by Richard Kimbrough

Now if we can only come up with a splitty to do Shasta Snow Trip next year!

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