Tires for the T-3 Syncro & Vanagon

These are the Strongest and Best Made Tires available for the Syncro & Vanagon
Nokian Hakkapeliitta CS  CQ
Vredestein Transport Snow Michelin Agilis Continental Vanco 8

These tires are not quite as strong (sidewalls), but are used by many syncronauts
Michelin LTX  AT
Michelin LTX  MS BF Goorrich All Terrain T/A

Basic Tire Guidelines
VW Specified Tire Sizes :    

Width: 185 - 205  (There are many syncros running 215/75/15 tires.  A few run 235/75/16.  205 is the max width VW specifies.)

Sidewall: 70-80   (80 series is best for off road.)  (65 series is a poor choice for off road, but there are some nice 205/65/15-16 tires.)

Largest VW Advised Sizes:  205R14  -  205R15  -  205R16   (See Tires for discussion on tire widths.)
Spec Load Index:  At least 97 (730 kg, 1609-1652 lbs.). Tires with higher load ratings are stronger/ tougher than those with lower ratings.

Max. Tire Pressure:  At least 40 P.S.I.

Be sure to stay within weight limit specs.  Do not use passenger car tires (P) on your Syncro or Vanagon.

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