Bernd Jaeger’s RalleyBus


Brend Jaeger

Most syncro fans have seen Bernd Jaeger's RalleyBus by now.  It's, obviously, a unique syncro with tremendous performance capabilities. Word is Bernd may be selling it. Click on the photos for a closer view.

Bernd in action.


Here's Bernd's shop, Der Bully / Syncro Spezialst.  He's also on facebook.

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Syncro Raduno Formica Leone

Syncro raduno formica leone

Photos from a fun Syncro gathering by 'Syncro Raduno Formica Leone' in Sestri Levante, Italy last week. Click for larger pics. Check out the full album here.

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Dokas in Algeria

Where are They?

These are photos of a trip by Norbert B. and a friend to Algeria, and beyond.  The shots are interesting and a couple are beautiful and worth a look.  Click on the thumbnails for full-size viewing.  Many thanks to Norbert for sharing them.

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Synis Ambulance


European military surplus syncros in pristine shape.  193 was purportedly for sale on a German list recently but briefly.

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Syncro Winter Wonderland

Syncro Winter Wonderland

A great shot by Rune M.  Winter's here - for northern syncronauts at least  ...


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Brett takes Steel Pass


 Brett guides his syncro through the narrow section of Steel Pass on the way to Saline Valley.

See more excellent photos of Brett's trip on his FB page.

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